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NSW Bird List

This list is the official NSW Bird List of the NSW Ornithological Records Appraisal Committee and has been adopted by the NSW Bird Atlassers.   It was kindly prepared by Dick Cooper, based on:

  • Christidis & Boles (2008) Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds
  • McAllan, Curtis, Hutton & Cooper (2004)The Birds of the Lord Howe Island Group: A Review of Records

Roger McGovern, Chris Brandis, Ian McAllan and Mick Roderick provided helpful comments during preparation
NSW Species List Latest Edition: February 2013


NSW Vagrant Bird Review – Feb 2020

NSWBA Bird Record Sheet

Record sheet for use by members can be downloaded below:
Record Sheet Latest Edition: December 2020

How to Complete the NSWBA Bird Record Sheet

Click here for An Instruction Manual and Guide
Written by Records Officer Tony Burgin – January 2016 (Rev Dec 2020)

Master Atlas indexes for all 3 Atlas Volumes

Atlas Index Common Names
Atlas-Index Scientific Names

Atlas Records

Excel map of NSW 10 minute blocks showing blocks that need more data.

Enlisting help from bird clubs

Please download the introductory letter and map
The block count is also available in Excel format.

How you can help

Anyone can download NSWBA Record Sheets by clicking on ‘Record Sheet‘ (see above). All records can be emailed to atlas.sheets@nswbirdatlassers.org.au.  Contributors may forward bird lists to this email address but please include your name, date(s) of sightings (maximum reporting period is 1 calendar month), the latitude and longitude (if known), the name and distance to a prominent nearby geographic features (e.g. mountain, lake, National Park, town, suburb).

NSW Ornithological Records Appraisal Committee

NSW ORAC Rules Feb 2013.pdf
NSW ORAC guidelines for submissions.pdf

To see the latest ORAC Review list or download a copy of an Unusual Record Form please go direct to the new web page.

Other ORAC & BARC (NSW) information

BARC Decisions (NSW) in 2020
NSW ORAC Cases Decided in 2020

BARC Decisions (NSW) in 2019
NSW ORAC Cases Decided in 2019

BARC Decisions (NSW) in 2018
NSW ORAC Cases Decided in 2018

BARC Decisions (NSW) in 2017
NSW ORAC Cases Decided in 2017

BARC Decisions (NSW) in 2016
NSW ORAC Cases Decided In 2016

BARC Decisions (NSW) in 2015
NSW ORAC Cases Decided In 2015

NSW ORAC CASES decided in 2014
BARC Decisions for NSW 2014

NSW ORAC CASES decided in 2013
BARC Decisions for NSW 2013

NSW ORAC Cases decided in 2012
BARC Decisions for NSW 2012

NSW ORAC Cases decided in 2011
BARC Decisions for NSW 2011

NSW ORAC CASES decided in 2010
BARC Decisions for NSW 2010

NSW ORAC Cases Decided in 2009
BARC Decisions for NSW 2007 – 2009

NSW ORAC Cases Decided in 2008

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NSWBA 10 minute grid overlay beta version for Google Earth

Download this zip file to your downloads folder or a logical location.
Unzip the file using Winzip or similar to a logical location.
Windows users can open windows explorer and click on the zip file, the enclosed .kml file appears like it is in a folder and can be “dragged” to a logical location.

Google Earth is now available online using your web browser.
To  import the .kml map overlay follow these instructions.