Bird Groups Index

This list includes every species ever recorded in NSW
and the ACT and the Tasman Sea as far east as Lord Howe Island

Under Construction

Albatross, Antipodean
Albatross, Atlantic Yellow‐nosed
Albatross, Black‐browed
Albatross, Bullerʹs
Albatross, Campbell
Albatross, Chatham
Albatross, Gibsonʹs
Albatross, Grey‐headed
Albatross, Indian Yellow‐nosed
Albatross, Light‐mantled Sooty
Albatross, Salvinʹs
Albatross, Shy
Albatross, Sooty
Albatross, Tristan
Albatross, Wandering
Albatross, White‐capped
Albatross, Yellow‐nosed
Avocet, Red‐necked
Babbler, Chestnut‐crowned
Babbler, Grey‐crowned
Babbler, Hallʹs
Babbler, White‐browed
Baza, Pacific
Bee‐eater, Rainbow
Bellbird, Crested
Bittern, Australasian
Bittern, Australian Little
Bittern, Black
Blackbird, Common
Black‐Cockatoo, Glossy
Black‐Cockatoo, Red‐tailed
Black‐Cockatoo, Yellow‐tailed
Blue Bonnet
Boobook, Southern
Boobook, Southern (Lord Howe Island subsp.)
Booby, Brown
Booby, Masked
Booby, Red‐footed
Bowerbird, Great
Bowerbird, Regent
Bowerbird, Satin
Bowerbird, Spotted
Bristlebird, Eastern
Bronze‐Cuckoo, Horsfieldʹs
Bronze‐Cuckoo, Little
Bronze‐Cuckoo, Shining
Bronzewing, Brush
Bronzewing, Common
Bronzewing, Flock
Brush‐turkey, Australian
Bulbul, Red‐whiskered
Bush‐hen, Pale‐vented
Bushlark, Horsfield’s
Bustard, Australian
Butcherbird, Grey
Butcherbird, Pied
Button‐quail, Black‐breasted
Button‐quail, Little
Button‐quail, Painted
Button‐quail, Red‐backed
Button‐quail, Red‐chested
Buzzard, Black‐breasted
Catbird, Green
Chaffinch, Common
Chat, Crimson
Chat, Orange
Chat, White‐fronted
Chough, White‐winged
Cisticola, Golden‐headed
Cockatoo, Gang‐gang
Cockatoo, Major Mitchellʹs
Cockatoo, Sulphur‐crested
Coot, Eurasian
Corella, Little
Corella, Long‐billed
Cormorant, Black‐faced
Cormorant, Great
Cormorant, Little Black
Cormorant, Little Pied
Cormorant, Pied
Coucal, Pheasant
Crake, Australian Spotted
Crake, Baillonʹs
Crake, Spotless
Crake, White‐browed
Crow, House
Crow, Little
Crow, Torresian
Cuckoo, Black‐eared
Cuckoo, Brush
Cuckoo, Channel‐billed
Cuckoo, Fan‐tailed
Cuckoo, Long‐tailed
Cuckoo, Oriental
Cuckoo, Pallid
Cuckoo‐Dove, Brown
Cuckoo‐shrike, Barred
Cuckoo‐shrike, Black‐faced
Cuckoo‐shrike, Ground
Cuckoo‐shrike, White‐bellied
Curlew, Eastern
Curlew, Little
Currawong, Grey
Currawong, Lord Howe
Darter, Australasian
Diving‐Petrel, Common
Diving‐Petrel, South Georgian
Dotterel, Black‐fronted
Dotterel, Inland
Dotterel, Red‐kneed
Dove, Bar‐shouldered
Dove, Diamond
Dove, Emerald
Dove, Peaceful
Dove, Rock
Dove, Spotted
Dowitcher, Asian
Drongo, Spangled
Duck, Australian Wood
Duck, Blue‐billed
Duck, Freckled
Duck, Musk
Duck, Pacific Black
Duck, Pink‐eared
Eagle, Little
Eagle, Wedge‐tailed
Egret, Cattle
Egret, Eastern Great
Egret, Eastern Reef
Egret, Intermediate
Egret, Little
Emu‐wren, Southern
Fairy‐wren, Red‐backed
Fairy‐wren, Splendid
Fairy‐wren, Superb
Fairy‐wren, Variegated
Fairy‐wren, White‐winged
Falcon, Black
Falcon, Brown
Falcon, Grey
Falcon, Peregrine
Fantail, Grey
Fantail, Lord Howe
Fantail, Rufous
Fieldwren, Rufous
Fieldwren, Striated
Figbird, Australasian
Fig‐Parrot, Double‐eyed
Finch, Black‐throated
Finch, Double‐barred
Finch, Painted
Finch, Plum‐headed
Finch, Red‐browed
Finch, Star
Finch, Zebra
Firetail, Beautiful
Firetail, Diamond
Flycatcher, Leaden
Flycatcher, Restless
Flycatcher, Satin
Flycatcher, Shining
Friarbird, Little
Friarbird, Noisy
Frigatebird, Great
Frigatebird, Lesser
Frogmouth, Marbled
Frogmouth, Tawny
Fruit‐Dove, Rose‐crowned
Fruit‐Dove, Superb
Fruit‐Dove, Wompoo
Fulmar, Southern
Gallinule, White
Gannet, Australasian
Gerygone, Brown
Gerygone, Lord Howe
Gerygone, Mangrove
Gerygone, Western
Gerygone, White‐throated
Giant‐Petrel, Northern
Giant‐Petrel, Southern
Godwit, Bar‐tailed
Godwit, Black‐tailed
Godwit, Hudsonian
Goldfinch, European
Goose, Canada
Goose, Cape Barren
Goose, Magpie
Goshawk, Brown
Goshawk, Grey
Goshawk, Red
Grassbird, Little
Grasswren, Eyrean
Grasswren, Grey
Grasswren, Striated
Grasswren, Tawny
Grasswren, Thick‐billed
Grebe, Australasian
Grebe, Great Crested
Grebe, Hoary‐headed
Greenfinch, Common
Greenshank, Common
Gull, Franklinʹs
Gull, Kelp
Gull, Laughing
Gull, Pacific
Gull, Sabineʹs
Gull, Silver
Harrier, Spotted
Harrier, Swamp
Heathwren, Chestnut‐rumped
Heathwren, Shy
Heron, Great‐billed
Heron, Pied
Heron, Striated
Heron, White‐faced
Heron, White‐necked
Hobby, Australian
Honeyeater, Banded
Honeyeater, Black
Honeyeater, Black‐chinned
Honeyeater, Blue‐faced
Honeyeater, Brown
Honeyeater, Brown‐headed
Honeyeater, Crescent
Honeyeater, Dusky
Honeyeater, Fuscous
Honeyeater, Grey‐fronted
Honeyeater, Lewinʹs
Honeyeater, Mangrove
Honeyeater, New Holland
Honeyeater, Painted
Honeyeater, Pied
Honeyeater, Purple‐gaped
Honeyeater, Regent
Honeyeater, Scarlet
Honeyeater, Singing
Honeyeater, Spiny‐cheeked
Honeyeater, Striped
Honeyeater, Tawny‐crowned
Honeyeater, White‐cheeked
Honeyeater, White‐eared
Honeyeater, White‐fronted
Honeyeater, White‐naped
Honeyeater, White‐plumed
Honeyeater, White‐throated
Honeyeater, Yellow‐faced
Honeyeater, Yellow‐plumed
Honeyeater, Yellow‐tufted
Ibis, Australian White
Ibis, Glossy
Ibis, Straw‐necked
Jacana, Comb‐crested
Jacky Winter
Jaeger, Arctic
Jaeger, Long‐tailed
Jaeger, Pomarine
Kestrel, Nankeen
Kingfisher, Azure
Kingfisher, Collared
Kingfisher, Forest
Kingfisher, Red‐backed
Kingfisher, Sacred
King‐Parrot, Australian
Kite, Black
Kite, Black‐shouldered Kite
Kite, Brahminy
Kite, Letter‐winged Kite
Kite, Square‐tailed Kite
Kite, Whistling
Knot, Great
Knot, Red
Koel, Pacific
Kookaburra, Laughing
Lapwing, Banded
Lapwing, Grey‐headed
Lapwing, Masked
Logrunner, Australian
Lorikeet, Little
Lorikeet, Musk
Lorikeet, Purple‐crowned
Lorikeet, Rainbow
Lorikeet, Scaly‐breasted
Lyrebird, Albertʹs
Lyrebird, Superb
Magpie, Australian
Mallard, Northern
Mannikin, Chestnut‐breasted
Mannikin, Nutmeg
Martin, Fairy
Martin, Tree
Miner, Bell
Miner, Black‐eared
Miner, Noisy
Miner, Yellow‐throated
Monarch, Black‐faced
Monarch, Spectacled
Monarch, White‐eared
Moorhen, Dusky
Myna, Common
Native‐hen, Black‐tailed
Needletail, White‐throated
Night‐Heron, Nankeen
Nightjar, Spotted
Nightjar, White‐throated
Noddy, Black
Noddy, Common
Oriole, Olive‐backed
Osprey, Eastern
Owl, Barking
Owl, Eastern Barn
Owl, Eastern Grass
Owl, Masked
Owl, Powerful
Owl, Sooty
Owlet‐nightjar, Australian
Oystercatcher, Australian Pied
Oystercatcher, Sooty
Oystercatcher, South Island Pied
Parakeet, Tasman
Pardalote, Red‐browed
Pardalote, Spotted
Pardalote, Striated
Parrot, Blue‐winged
Parrot, Bourkeʹs
Parrot, Ground
Parrot, Mulga
Parrot, Orange‐bellied
Parrot, Red‐rumped
Parrot, Red‐winged
Parrot, Regent
Parrot, Scarlet‐chested
Parrot, Superb
Parrot, Swift
Parrot, Turquoise
Pelican, Australian
Penguin, Fiordland
Penguin, Little
Penguin, Macaroni
Penguin, Northern Rockhopper
Petrel, Antarctic
Petrel, Barauʹs
Petrel, Black
Petrel, Black‐winged
Petrel, Blue
Petrel, Bulwerʹs
Petrel, Cape
Petrel, Collared
Petrel, Cookʹs
Petrel, Gouldʹs
Petrel, Great‐winged
Petrel, Grey
Petrel, Herald
Petrel, Juan Fernandez
Petrel, Kerguelen
Petrel, Kermadec
Petrel, Mottled
Petrel, Providence
Petrel, Soft‐plumaged
Petrel, Tahiti
Petrel, Vanuatu
Petrel, Westland
Petrel, White‐chinned
Petrel, White‐headed
Petrel, White‐necked
Phalarope, Red‐necked
Pigeon, Crested
Pigeon, Squatter
Pigeon, Topknot
Pigeon, Torresian Imperial
Pigeon, White‐headed
Pigeon, White‐throated
Pigeon, Wonga
Pintail, Northern
Pipit, Australasian
Pitta, Noisy
Plover, American Golden
Plover, Double‐banded
Plover, Greater Sand
Plover, Grey
Plover, Hooded
Plover, Kentish
Plover, Lesser Sand
Plover, Oriental
Plover, Pacific Golden
Plover, Red‐capped
Plover, Ringed
Plover, Semipalmated
Pratincole, Australian
Pratincole, Oriental
Prion, Antarctic
Prion, Broad‐billed
Prion, Fairy
Prion, Salvinʹs
Prion, Slender‐billed
Pygmy‐goose, Cotton
Pygmy‐goose, Green
Quail, Brown
Quail, King
Quail, Stubble
Quail‐thrush, Chestnut
Quail‐thrush, Chestnut‐breasted
Quail‐thrush, Cinnamon
Quail‐thrush, Spotted
Rail, Buff‐banded
Rail, Lewinʹs
Raven, Australian
Raven, Forest
Raven, Little
Redpoll, Common
Redshank, Common
Reed‐Warbler, Australian
Reed‐Warbler, Oriental
Riflebird, Paradise
Ringneck, Australian
Robin, Eastern Yellow
Robin, Flame
Robin, Hooded
Robin, Pale‐yellow
Robin, Pink
Robin, Red‐capped
Robin, Rose
Robin, Scarlet
Rosella, Crimson
Rosella, Eastern
Rosella, Pale‐headed
Royal Albatross
Royal Albatross, Northern
Royal Albatross, Southern
Sandpiper, Broad‐billed
Sandpiper, Buff‐breasted
Sandpiper, Common
Sandpiper, Curlew
Sandpiper, Marsh
Sandpiper, Pectoral
Sandpiper, Sharp‐tailed
Sandpiper, Terek
Sandpiper, Upland
Sandpiper, White‐rumped
Sandpiper, Wood
Scrub‐bird, Rufous
Scrub‐robin, Southern
Scrubwren, Large‐billed
Scrubwren, White‐browed
Scrubwren, Yellow‐throated
Sea‐Eagle, White‐bellied
Shearwater, Bullerʹs
Shearwater, Flesh‐footed
Shearwater, Fluttering
Shearwater, Great
Shearwater, Huttonʹs
Shearwater, Little
Shearwater, Pink‐footed
Shearwater, Short‐tailed
Shearwater, Sooty
Shearwater, Streaked
Shearwater, Tropical
Shearwater, Wedge‐tailed
Shelduck, Australian
Shelduck, Paradise
Shelduck, Radjah
Shoveler, Australasian
Shoveler, Northern
Shrike‐thrush, Grey
Shrike‐thrush, Little
Shrike‐tit, Crested
Silvereye (Lord Howe Id subsp.)
Sittella, Varied
Skua, Brown
Skua, South Polar
Skylark, Eurasian
Snipe, Australian Painted
Snipe, Lathamʹs
Songlark, Brown
Songlark, Rufous
Sparrow, Eurasian Tree
Sparrow, House
Sparrowhawk, Collared
Spinebill, Eastern
Spoonbill, Royal
Spoonbill, Yellow‐billed
Starling, Common
Starling, Metallic
Starling, Rosy
Starling, Tasman
Stilt, Banded
Stilt, Black‐winged
Stint, Little
Stint, Long‐toed
Stint, Red‐necked
Stone‐curlew, Beach
Stone‐curlew, Bush
Stork, Black‐necked
Storm‐Petrel, White‐bellied
Storm‐Petrel, Band‐rumped
Storm‐Petrel, Black‐bellied
Storm‐Petrel, Grey‐backed
Storm‐Petrel, New Zealand
Storm‐Petrel, Tristramʹs
Storm‐Petrel, White‐faced
Storm‐Petrel, Wilsonʹs
Sunbird, Yellow‐bellied
Swallow, Barn
Swallow, Welcome
Swallow, White‐backed
Swamphen, Purple
Swan, Black
Swift, Fork‐tailed
Swiftlet, Australian
Tāiko, Chatham Island
Tattler, Grey‐tailed Tattler
Tattler, Wandering
Teal, Chestnut
Teal, Grey
Tern, Aleutian
Tern, Arctic
Tern, Australian Gull‐billed
Tern, Black
Tern, Black-fronted
Tern, Black‐naped
Tern, Bridled
Tern, Caspian
Tern, Common
Tern, Common Gull‐billed
Tern, Crested
Tern, Fairy
Tern, Little
Tern, Roseate
Tern, Sooty
Tern, Whiskered
Tern, White
Tern, White‐fronted
Tern, White‐winged Black
Ternlet, Grey
Thornbill, Brown
Thornbill, Buff‐rumped
Thornbill, Chestnut‐rumped
Thornbill, Inland
Thornbill, Striated
Thornbill, Yellow
Thornbill, Yellow‐rumped
Thrush, Bassian
Thrush, Island
Thrush, Russet‐tailed
Thrush, Song
Treecreeper, Brown
Treecreeper, Red‐browed
Treecreeper, White‐browed
Treecreeper, White‐throated
Triller, Varied
Triller, White‐winged
Tropicbird, Red‐billed
Tropicbird, Red‐tailed
Tropicbird, White‐tailed
Turnstone, Ruddy
Wagtail, Citrine
Wagtail, Eastern Yellow
Wagtail, Grey
Wagtail, White
Wagtail, Willie
Warbler, Speckled
Wattlebird, Little
Wattlebird, Red
Wedgebill, Chirruping
Whipbird, Eastern
Whistler, Gilbertʹs
Whistler, Golden
Whistler, Lord Howe Golden
Whistler, Olive
Whistler, Red‐lored
Whistler, Rufous
Whistling‐Duck, Plumed
Whistling‐Duck, Wandering
White‐eye, Robust
White‐eye, Yellow
Whiteface, Banded
Whiteface, Southern
Woodhen, Lord Howe
Woodswallow, Black‐faced
Woodswallow, Dusky
Woodswallow, Little
Woodswallow, Masked
Woodswallow, White‐breasted
Woodswallow, White‐browed
Yellow Rosella
Yellowlegs, Lesser